Monument Bike

The foundation this design was inspired by the bike messenger and urban creative, and our focus never moved away from keeping the Monument Bike eCommerce experience centered on providing relevant and engaging content that moves people to escape, create. and live the Monument experience.


Essay Navigation

The design is based research that lead to positive result. We learned that the Monument consumer lives life on-the-go and aim to make their cycling experience a satisfying one. They explore brands online via organic searches, social channels, advertising, and editorial content; they are independently minded and embrace the notion of freedom. The navigation framework allows the user to enter the site through different pages and feel confident to find their way. The crafting of a functional experiences is always about user habits.

The Path to Purchase

A simple solution, removed from complication and distraction, is always the answer. Allowing users to make an informed decision and purchase a product without pause is an important part of completing their experience. Our simple three-step process is a subtle yet substantial enhancement to the user experience. From the product category page, users can hover over a product, select color and size, and add it to their cart.